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Coconut Oil

It speeds up the metabolism, reduces fancy sweets and helps in weight loss, but it is not everything. Coconut oil has much more healthy properties, of which we are unaware. Here are 10 reasons why you should have it at home.

1. There is no need to be afraid of fat contained in it Coconut oil contains saturated fatty acids, but beware, do not need to be afraid of them.
Why? Since most of these
are medium chain fatty acids (called MCFA), whose operation is different from the long chain fatty acids ( LCFA known ). LCFA when consumed increases the risk of heart disease, depression, and so increases the level. bad cholesterol, MCFA are, due to the fact that they have smaller particles, and are rapidly absorbed by the body more rapidly digested and converted into energy. The richest natural source of MCFA is the coconut oil.

2. It helps to control weight
Another good thing owing to the fact that the medium chain fatty acids are rapidly converted to energy (such as carbohydrates) is that they facilitate weight loss. The body, instead of "modify" the fat from coconut oil, stocks and put them in the form of body fat, converts it into energy which is used in the first place. Regular consumption of coconut oil increases the chance of avoiding the belly fat. If you belong to the people who are slim you can also have benefits from using coconut oil, (as written below), add to your daily diet one teaspoon of coconut oil.
You can gradually increase the amount of up to four teaspoons. Replacement intake of fats coconut oil every day can lead to weight loss of about a pound a week. Just a note, do not think that coconut oil will do all the job, healthy diet and activity is needed as well.

3. facilitates digestion
If you suffer from recurrent abdominal pain, you have problems with digestion or bloating, try to add coconut oil o your daily diet. Due to its properties, improves the intestinal function, is used as a drug as in the case of ulcerative colitis. In addition, the fatty acids contained in coconut oil have anti-bacterial properties, which eliminates bacteria, yeast and other parasites that hinder digestion.

4. Reduces the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease
Research conducted at the Institute of Medical Research in Sydney Garvan showed that regular consumption of coconut oil protects against insulin resistance by reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes MCFA fats contained in coconut oil, are so small that they are rapidly broken down and converted into energy, but without an increase in insulin levels. You could even say that the body treats fats contained in coconut oil as carbohydrates, so that energy derived from them quickly gets into the bloodstream, but without the characteristic of carbohydrates jump insulin levels. Fats MCFA also rarely turn into surging deposits in the arteries and lead to atherosclerosis, heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

5. Strengthens immunity
Coconut oil in more than half consists of lauric acid, and also include caprylic acid and capric acid. Lauric acid is interesting that occurs naturally only in coconut oil and mother's milk ... that after getting to the infant strengthens its resistance thanks to its strong antibacterial and anti-virus activity. No other work consuming coconut oil, which, thanks to the acid contained therein destroys viruses which cause the common cold, herpes, HIV, as well as bacteria, including producing bacterium Helicobacter pylori ulcers, and even cancer of the digestive system.

6. Speeds up metabolism
Just eating two tablespoons of coconut oil a day to speed up the metabolism.
How do we know ? Course of studies in which researchers divided the volunteers into two groups. Both adopt the same in terms of caloric meals, but one of them was administered food containing long chain fatty acids and medium chain fatty acids on the other, that is, it contains coconut oil. The result ? When after six hours of people from both groups were examined metabolic rate, it was found that those who received fats contained in coconut oil, were it up to six times faster. If you eat a meal that contains coconut oil, increases your energy level, allowing speeds up metabolism and burn more quickly than usual calories.

7. Reduces wrinkles
It has a moisturizing, protective and healing properties. Strengthens, smoothes and improves skin elasticity. Well absorbed, unclogs pores , helps reduce wrinkles, and thanks in antioxidants and vitamin E slows the aging of the skin. While this sounds like a description of a great ( and expensive ) cream, it still refers to the coconut oil. It is worth to use it gently patting the cleaned, dry or slightly damp face, neck and décolleté. Successfully and with confidence can also lubricate the whole body, especially of endangered cellulite or stretch marks.

8 Is suitable for frying and cooking at high temperatures
Many people have this problem: what is best oil to use for frying? The best for this purpose are the fats that have a high temperature of burning (i.e.when the fat starts to decompose and emit harmful compounds that may have carcinogenic effects ). For frying very well suited saturated fats, and among them by far the best choice is coconut oil. Smoking its temperature varies from 180 to about 230 degrees Celsius (depending on whether the oil is cold pressed or a refined ).

9 Lowers the mood for sweets
The next time you have a craving to eat something sweet, reach for a teaspoon of coconut oil. Good quality fats are more satiating than carbohydrates, especially those "evil", after which the sugar level immediately jumps up to the moment once again fall, and thus increase the mood for" something sweet". Not everyone realizes that the constant craving for sweets is a signal from the body that is not fed properly. If you provide him adequate amounts of good quality fats and carbohydrates, will be properly used his energy reserves.

10 It is easy to use in the kitchen
We hope that knowing the positive health properties of coconut oil no longer have doubts as to whether to buy it. An additional incentive let it be that easy to use it in the kitchen, including because thanks to its mild, almost unscented aroma, does not affect the taste of food. It is ideal not only for frying, but also as an addition to salads and pastries and butter substitutes , and any greases for bread . You can use it by replacing other fats in the kitchen, I'm sure you will come out better for it, and the way to drop a few pounds (the Internet circulates
story of the man who replaced all ingested fats coconut oil and within 6 months he lost 10 kg, although that has not changed calorie meals or increased physical activity).

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